Butterflies and Moths

Burnished Opal - Chrysoritis chrysaor


Burnished Opals – Chrysoritis chrysaor

Here is a small collection of some Burnished Opals taken in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. They were a taken with a Canon 7D camera with a Tamron 90mm VC lens. These are some of the most stunning butterflies... (Read more)

Garden Inspector or Commodore - Precis archesia archesia


Garden Inspector or Commodore – Precis archesia archesia

The Garden Inspector or the Garden Commodore is from the genus Precis. This genus consists of robust, medium-sized and brightly coloured nymphalines. These are similar to Junonia (the Pansies), but they don’t have eye spots and great difference in colour... (Read more)

Cacyreus marshalli - Common geranium bronze


Common and Water Geranium Bronze Butterflies

Both the Geranium Bronze (Cacyreus marshalli) and the Water Bronze (Cacyreus tespis tespis) are butterflies from the  family Lycaenidae. They are both small, low-flying butterflies, with the undersides a ground-colour brown, irrorated with white. The fore-wing has a series of darker brown spots... (Read more)

Depicta copper - Aloeides depicta


Depicta Copper – Aloeides depicta

The Depicta Copper – Aloeides depicta is pretty small butterfly ranging from 26mm to 29mm in the males and 29mm to 35mm in the females. Depicta is a relatively variable butterfly, colour-wise. The upperside being a ground colour orange with a... (Read more)

Pearl Emperor - Charaxes varanes varanes


The Pearl Emperor – Charaxes varanes varanes

From the Genus, Charaxes – Emperors, comes this absolutely stunning Pearl Emperor.  The Charaxes species are generally brightly colours in shades of orange and red or iridescent blue. They are aggressive and territorial and will chase or push other butterflies... (Read more)

African grass blue


African Grass Blue – Zizeeria knysna knysna

This little African Grass Blue, Zizeeria knysna knysna, was shot in one of the suburbs close to where I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Another tricky little butterfly to photography as it is really skittish. It is a common, widespread... (Read more)

African Clouded Yellow Butterfly


African Clouded Yellow Butterfly

One of the rare opportunities I have had to snap one of these stunning butterflies. They are from the family Pieridae and subfamily Coliadinae. The genus is Colias, which contains the Clouded Yellows.  These two butterflies are African Clouded Yellows... (Read more)

Common Hottentot Skipper


Common Hottentot Skipper

The Common Hottentot Skipper is from the family Hesperiidae and sub-family Hesperiinae. This skipper is also know as Gegenes niso niso.  They are relatively small butterflies with the male being about 29-33mm and the female 29-35mm – not much bigger. ... (Read more)

Blue Pansy


Eyed Pansy – Junonia orithya madagascariensis

This photograph was taken in Port Elizabeth at the back of the suburb known as Linton Grange.  She was really obliging and sat really still for the forty odd shots that I took of her. This image was one of... (Read more)


Reflecting Tussock Moth

This is a Red Dotted Euproctis Moth – Euproctis rufopunctata. Its part of the Lymantriidae family which consists of the Tussock moths. The adult moths of this family do not feed and tend to be very hairy. They also give... (Read more)


Common Blue Butterfly

The Common Blue, also known as Leptotes pirithous pirithous, are small butterflies in the Genus Leptotes. They are from the family Lycaenidae. Other names for this butterfly are; Lang’s Short-tailed Blue and Common Zebra Blue. The wingspan is 21 to... (Read more)


Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly

From the family Papilionidae, subfamily Papilioninae and genus Papilio come the Swallowtail butterflies. Papilio is the largest genus in the family and it has species all over the world. Dispite the name, swallowtails are often tailless. The Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly... (Read more)



Amazing Looking Caterpillar

On a trip to the van Stadens Flower Reserve just outside Port Elizabeth, we came across an area covered with Watsonia flowers. These watsonias were covered with these beautiful colorful caterpillars. The whole problem with caterpillars, is when it comes... (Read more)

Common Dotted Border Butterfly


Common Dotted Border Butterfly

The Common Dotted Border Butterfly or Mylothris Agathina Agathina can be found in most of South Africa. It is a butterfly of the Pieridae family It is common along the coastal forests and in wooded country areas. Its habitats are... (Read more)

Garden Grass Veneer Moth


Garden Grass Veneer Moth

Garden Grass Veneer Moth – Chrysoteuchia culmella is a species of moth of the family Crambidae. It is common throughout the UK and Southern Africa,and found in grassland and meadows. Chrysoteuchia culmella moths have a wingspan ranging between 18 to... (Read more)

Squinting Bush Brown Butterfly


Squinting Bush Brown Butterfly

Bush brown butterflies are part of the genus Bicyclus. These are dull brown butterflies with the underside having numerous large and small eye spots. The are fond of fermenting fruit and favor shady areas. The typical wingspan for this butterfly... (Read more)

Hark Moth Caterpillar


Hawk Moth caterpillar

This caterpillar or worm seems to resemble a hawk moth. It has the usual ‘eyes’ on the sides and also the fake ‘sting’ which most hawk moths seem to have. There are many of these species of moths that look... (Read more)

Meadow White


Meadow White Butterfly

The Meadow White Butterfly (Pontia Helice) is distributed all over South Africa, from mountainous regions to dry arid areas. Their main habitats include forest edges, parks, gardens, coastal areas, wetlands and hillsides. And the upper side looks like this:

Emperor Moth


Common Emperor Moth

The Common Emperor Moth or Cabbage tree emperor moth (Bunaea alcinoe) is a saturniid which is widely distributed throughout southern, central and east Africa. Its lavas’ main foodplant is Cabbage Trees. The lava can completely defoliate a Kiepersol tree (Cabbage... (Read more)

Brown Veined White


Brown Veined White

The Brown Veined White – Belenois aurota male is very common to South Africa and tends to live on hillsides, in parks, gardens, edges of forests and pretty much everywhere else. And another from my good friend Steve Woodhall

Thysbe Copper


Thysbe Copper

Another name for this butterfly is Chrysoritis Thysbe. What a mission to snap a shot of this little beauty. Every time it landed and we got close, it took off again!

Looper Moth


Looper Moth

Note the strange eyes of this moth – it seems like it is squint!

Hairy Caterpillar


Hairy Caterpillar

A Hairy Caterpillar. Identity unknown currently.

African Brown Veined White Butterfly


African Common White

This Butterfly was scooped at the Seaview Game Park just outside the skirts of Port Elizabeth. I used the Tamron 70-300mm Lens on macro mode to get this and was pleasantly surprised at the shot it gave me. Its technical... (Read more)

Looper Moth


Looper Moth

We were looking for some small bugs to photograph when I was called to this moth. It was resting on the sliding door completely motionless. I am not sure whether this is a Looper Moth on not, but it was... (Read more)

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