landscapes and Sunsets

Mountains At Ufunmene


Ufumene Game Lodge

A favorite destination for our family is the Ufumene Game Lodge. Ufumene is located in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) on the Cradock side of the Olifantshoek pass. The lodge is very family orientated, whether the kids go horse riding... (Read more)

Schoenmakerskop Sunset


Schoenmakerskop Seascape Sunset

Skoenmakerskop is a small coastal community in the Eastern Cape outside of Port Elizabeth.  It’s a great place to photograph amazing sunsets and seascapes. This shot was a combination of three photographs merged together and then made into an HDR... (Read more)

2014 SuperMoon


2014 Super Moon

Here is another Super Perigee Moon for 12 July 2014. A moon that is more brighter than the average moon and also closer to earth. This moon was superimposed onto a stary background to liven it up a little. Another Super Moon will also occur on... (Read more)

Maitlands Red Tide Bioluminescence


Red Tide – Blue Bioluminescence

A few of us photogs heard that the red tide was causing a beautiful display of blue luminescence in the water along the Port Elizabeth and Eastern Cape coast-line.  The opportunity was immediately snapped up to try out some long exposure... (Read more)

Lady Slipper Sunset


Lady’s Slipper Sunset Photograpy Outing

Our photography club outing for this month was a trip to Lady Slipper to try and get a shot of the sunset. Unfortunately the weather did not play fair and was really cloudy and miserable! I only got one decent... (Read more)

Seaview Sunset


Seaview Sunset

Our Port Elizabeth Photography Club often gets folks together for sunsets and sunrises. Here is one of my shots from such an event.

Sunset Image Seaview


Awesome Sunsets

A recent outing of our Facebook group, the Port Elizabeth Camera Club, called for a sunset shoot out at a place called Seaview. This was a chance to test some HDR style photos of sunsets as well as trying to... (Read more)

Maitlands dunes


A Sunset HDR Outing to Maitlands

A group of us decided to go and shoot a few sunset photos out at a place called Maitlands, outside Port Elizabeth (South Africa), but to our disappointment, the clouds came over and was completely overcast and the sun was... (Read more)

Out of bounds Train


Portal Into Space – Out of Bounds

Yet another one of my out-of-bounds editing attempts.  All this was done in the latest version of The Gimp 2.8. There are many tutorials on the web on this subject, but mainly for Photoshop. If you Google around you can... (Read more)

Sunset Over Westering


Another African Sunset

Whilst on a trip to photograph pictures of birds, macros of spiders, insects and other creatures, the sun went down!  This was the result of taking a three shot HDR sequence and using The GIMP to do a bit of... (Read more)

Orange Sunset


An Orange Sunset

A picture of a sunset taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I tried my hand at framing this picture and feel the result came out relatively well.  To do such framing was actually quite easy and produces pretty good results. ... (Read more)

2012 Super Moon


Super Moon 2012

Yet another Super Perigee Moon was here to grace us with its beauty. The day, 5 May 2012. A moon that is more brighter than the average moon and also closer to earth. The moon rose at 16:56 and was... (Read more)

Storm Approaching Koffylaagte


Storm Approaching Koffylaagte Game Lodge

Once again, I have been playing around with the HDR effect. This picture was taken out at Koffylaagte Game Lodge in the Eastern Cape. There was a storm approaching, but completely fizzled out to a drizzle on getting there. We... (Read more)

Despatch Station


Despatch Train Station in HDR

I have been playing around with HDR recently and went out on a photo shoot with an Eastern Cape Photography group to a small town known as Despatch. Despatch is located a few kilometers outside Port Elizabeth and just around... (Read more)


Happy Valley Palm Tree

This is a night shot of a back lighted palm tree in Happy Valley, Port Elizabeth. Happy Valley is situated on Port Elizabeths main beachfront just across the road from Humewood Beach. It is a wonderland of kiddies movie characters... (Read more)


Cape st Francis Beach

This is a photograph of the beach near the lighthouse in Cape st. Francis. I tried to bring out all the blues and whites of this photograph to enhance the picture and to give it more punch than the original.... (Read more)

Despatch Railways


Collection of Landscape and HDR Photos

This is a collection of landscape and HDR photos from a local Port Elizabeth photographer, Hendrik Frier. I will be adding more pictures to the set as I get them in. Hope you enjoy them. Here is a photo of... (Read more)

Koffylaagte Sunset


Tree in the Sunset

A lovely sunset taken at Koffylaagte Game Lodge while having a weekend holiday there. If you get a chance, go and visit, its great for a bit of relaxation. For more information visit. Koffylaagte Game Lodge. Yet another beautiful Sunset.... (Read more)



Sunset Silhouette

If you want to have a really relaxing holiday or just go away for the weekend for a bit of piece and quiet. Koffylaagte is the place for this. A place with good food, good company and lots of game... (Read more)

Schoenmakerskop Panarama


Schoenmakers Kop Panaramic View

A view from Periwinkle Lane in Schoenmakers Kop, Port Elizabeth. Decided to try some stitching software and make a panaramic photo. How to get to Schoemakerskop View Schoenmakers Kop in a larger map

Billabong Pro Surfer


Billabong Pro 2011 Surfer

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go and take some surfing photos at the Billabong Pro 2011 surfing event.  This is my first of such photos and will be trying different types in the future. The... (Read more)

Eerie Red Moon


Eerie Red Moon

On June 15 2011 a Lunar Eclipse took place. This one was classified as a Central lunar eclipse which is defined as an eclipse where part of the moon passes through the center of the Earth’s shadow. These are the... (Read more)



2011 Supermoon

The 2011 Supermoon occurred on March 19th. A full Moon of rare size and beauty rose. It’s a super “perigee moon”, the biggest in almost 20 years. The last full Moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March... (Read more)

Lightning Strike


Lightning Strike

We recently had a pretty awesome thunder storm here in Port Elizabeth. This is something that does not occur that often in this area. This was a lucky shot I took after taking multiple shots in the one direction for... (Read more)

Sisterly Love


Sisterly Love

Two sisters walking on the beach near the Fish River Resort outside Port Alfred. My first attempt at a black and white photo.

Flaming Sunset


Flaming Sunset

Here is another beautiful sunset sent to me by Francois. It was taken with a Canon 450D.

Loveland Lake


Lake Loveland

The second picture of Lake Loveland, Colorado USA.

Dowdy Lake


Dowdy Lake

Second picture of Dowdy Lakes located near the town of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado USA.

Dowdy Lake


Dowdy Lake

Dowdy Lake is a good sized lake located near the town of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado USA. The lake is approximately 104 acres in size and has a shoreline of about three miles.

Lake Ogallala


Lake Ogallala

This is a second picture of lake Ogallala taken by Shayne.

Lake Ogallala


Lake Ogallala

Beautiful picture taken by Shayne from of Lake Ogallala at Lake McConaughy, Nebraska, USA.

Loveland Lake


Lake Loveland

Yet another of Shaynes masterpieces. This was taken in Loveland, Colorado, USA. The Rocky Mountains are in the background. This picture was taken in Autumn, thus showing the orange coloured trees in the background.

Final Sunset 2010


Final Sunset 2010

Well goodbye 2010, hello 2011. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be a brilliant year with so many having their dreams come true and having an enjoyable time. Cheers!

Cater Lake


Carter Lake

This lake is situated near Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Saint Malo


Saint Malo

Chapel on the Rock near Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.

Purple Lightning


Purple Lightning

Lightning looking east from Fort Collins, Colorado USA.


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