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Mountains At Ufunmene


Ufumene Game Lodge

A favorite destination for our family is the Ufumene Game Lodge. Ufumene is located in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) on the Cradock side of the Olifantshoek pass. The lodge is very family orientated, whether the kids go horse riding... (Read more)

Rain Spider - Palystes superciliosus


Close-up of a Rain Spider – Palystes superciliosus

What makes people so scared of spiders? Is it their appearance? Is it a fear of being bitten? Or is it just that someone said that spiders are bad and that you should not get near them. Well here is a... (Read more)

flattie spider on rock


Flatties – Family Selenopidae

Here are a few shots of the Wall Crab Spider, often known as the Flattie spider. Flatties comes from the Family Selenopidae. The wall crab spiders  are members of a group of families collectively called crab spiders because of their laterigrade (sideways-moving) legs. This family consists... (Read more)

Burnished Opal - Chrysoritis chrysaor


Burnished Opals – Chrysoritis chrysaor

Here is a small collection of some Burnished Opals taken in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. They were a taken with a Canon 7D camera with a Tamron 90mm VC lens. These are some of the most stunning butterflies... (Read more)

Protea obtusifolia


Limestone Sugarbush – Protea obtusifolia

The Protea obtusifolia or the Limestone Sugarbush belongs to the Proteaceae family. Other names for this include the Bredasdorp protea, limestone protea and limestone sugarbush. This is the white form of this Protea and they vary from white to vivid shades of red. The leaves... (Read more)

Green Stink Bug


A Collection of Stinky Stink Bugs

Over the past few years I have collected various macro photos of different bugs. A number of those bugs smell pretty terrible when disturbed or threatend. Here are a few of those stinky insects: Green Stink Bug (Family: Pentatomidae) Brown Stink... (Read more)



An Eastern Cape Harvestman

We recently went on an outing with The Spider Club of Southern Africa to a place outside Port Alfred called Riet River. Part of the outing was to go to a place nearby called Pig Island. I am not too sure... (Read more)

small chameleon


Small Chameleon

A got a little bit of luck for a change with a friend of mine calling me up to take a macro picture of a green crab spider. It just so happened that this little reptile was hiding in the... (Read more)

Garden Inspector or Commodore - Precis archesia archesia


Garden Inspector or Commodore – Precis archesia archesia

The Garden Inspector or the Garden Commodore is from the genus Precis. This genus consists of robust, medium-sized and brightly coloured nymphalines. These are similar to Junonia (the Pansies), but they don’t have eye spots and great difference in colour... (Read more)

Ant with lunch


A Collection of Ants

Over the years, I have taken many macro shots, some being ants. Here are some of the shots  have taken mostly with a Canon 7D with a Raynox DCR250 filter attached to give a little amplification. 3mm Ant with its... (Read more)

Thyenula juvenca male


Awesome Green Jumping Spider

Here is a beautiful green jumping spider. I believe it to be of the family Salticidae and of the Genus Thyenula. The species is probably juvenca. This male was found in my back yard in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and was... (Read more)

Cacyreus marshalli - Common geranium bronze


Common and Water Geranium Bronze Butterflies

Both the Geranium Bronze (Cacyreus marshalli) and the Water Bronze (Cacyreus tespis tespis) are butterflies from the  family Lycaenidae. They are both small, low-flying butterflies, with the undersides a ground-colour brown, irrorated with white. The fore-wing has a series of darker brown spots... (Read more)

Bee on purple flower


Bee on a Purple Flower

I have been trying out my 90mm Tamron Lens recently with my Canon 7D.  I had installed an alpha version of Magic Lantern onto it to see what could be achieved with it.  I was particularly interested in the trap... (Read more)

Depicta copper - Aloeides depicta


Depicta Copper – Aloeides depicta

The Depicta Copper – Aloeides depicta is pretty small butterfly ranging from 26mm to 29mm in the males and 29mm to 35mm in the females. Depicta is a relatively variable butterfly, colour-wise. The upperside being a ground colour orange with a... (Read more)

Bark Spider - Caerostris sexcuspidata


Bark Spider – Caerostris sexcuspidata

I am not going to say too much about this spider as I have given a pretty good explanation of it on a post a few weeks ago. You can find the information here. I was trying out a flash... (Read more)

African grass blue


African Grass Blue – Zizeeria knysna knysna

This little African Grass Blue, Zizeeria knysna knysna, was shot in one of the suburbs close to where I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Another tricky little butterfly to photography as it is really skittish. It is a common, widespread... (Read more)

African Clouded Yellow Butterfly


African Clouded Yellow Butterfly

One of the rare opportunities I have had to snap one of these stunning butterflies. They are from the family Pieridae and subfamily Coliadinae. The genus is Colias, which contains the Clouded Yellows.  These two butterflies are African Clouded Yellows... (Read more)



van Stadens Gorge Frog

A frog is something that I do not often photograph, but and opportunity presented itself that I could not turn down.  This photo was snapped in the river underneath the old van Stadens River Bridge, outside Port Elizabeth.  The is... (Read more)

Jumping spider macro


Jumping Spider Macro

This jumping spider macro is a really close up shot of a spider from the Salticidae family. This family resides in the spider order Araneae. and belong to the class Arachnida. The shot was taken with a Tamron 90mm Macro lens with a Raynox DCR250... (Read more)

Bark Spider


South African Bark Spider

Bark Spiders are orb-web spiders. They construct webs up to 1.5 meters in size stretching from tree to tree. They are very well camouflaged spiders mimicking the colour and shapes of bark brilliantly. Bark Spiders are nocturnal. This shot was... (Read more)

Honey Bee Mimic


Honey Bee Mimic

The Honey Bee Mimic comes from the Family Syrphidae and the Order Diptera. It forms part of the Hover Fly Group with its scientific name being Eristalinus Taeniops. It is identified by being a medium sized bee mimic with black... (Read more)

Wall Crab Spider


Wall Crab Spider

Wall Crab Spiders, from the family Selenopidae, are common in houses, especially in the eastern regions of South Africa. These are pretty common house spiders and are also known as Flatties. They have flat bodies and legs that are spread... (Read more)

Meadow White


Meadow White Butterfly

The Meadow White Butterfly (Pontia Helice) is distributed all over South Africa, from mountainous regions to dry arid areas. Their main habitats include forest edges, parks, gardens, coastal areas, wetlands and hillsides. And the upper side looks like this:

Rain Spider


Rain Spider

The Rain Spider – Palystes superciliosus (Palystes castaneus occurs from Cape Town to the Langeberg), are the large spiders, often referred to as “tarantulas“, that cause havoc by entering buildings during summer or before rain. They were previously listed as dangerous, but for humans,... (Read more)

Dew Drops on the Lawn


Dew Drops on the Lawn

A nice macro of some reflective drops of dew on the lawn.

White Torch Cactus


White Torch Cactus

This cactus is otherwise known as Echinopsis spachiana. This cactus has a number of common names (Easter lily cactus, golden torch, white torch cactus), but derives its scientific name from the Greek for the hedgehog and the sea-urchin, because of... (Read more)

Dragonfly Eyes


Dragonfly Eyes

An excellent macro shot from Zane of a dragonfly’s head. Great Detail.

Assassin Bug


Assassin Bug

These Bugs belong to family Reduviidae. They have very painful bites. This bug kills many garden pests including flies, mosquitoes, beetles and large caterpillars. It benefits people because it eats many non-beneficial insects that are pests to farmers and gardeners.... (Read more)

Brown Spider


Brown Spider

This brown spider was found this spider under some braai (barbeque) wood. It ran as soon as it saw me, but luckily I was able to snap its picture. Anyone know what type it is?

Common Backswimmer


Common Backswimmer

If you were wondering what swimming bugs in pool water normally are, here’s a little information. Their technical name is Anisops. These little swimmers tend to colonize swimming pools, vleis and dams. Although they are swimming insects, they fly at... (Read more)

Bee Fly


Bee Fly 2

These are flies from the Bombyliidae family of insects. They are a large family of flies and their life cycles are not well known to many studying these insects. They generally feed on nectar and pollen and thus pollinate flowers... (Read more)

Bee Fly


Bee Fly 1

These are flies from the Bombyliidae family of insects. They are a large family of flies and their life cycles are not well known to many studying these insects. They generally feed on nectar and pollen and thus pollinate flowers... (Read more)

Black Carpenter Ant


Black Carpenter Ant

Thanks to Zane for sending me this pic to post. As usual a stunning macro shot from his DCR250 Raynox and Panasonic DMC FZ50 Camera combination.

Dietes Bicolour


Dietes Bicolour

This plant is an easy to grow perennial with erect, narrow sword shaped, green leaves and Iris-like flowers of pale yellow with brownish blotches.

Bee Mimic


Bee Mimic

These insects are actually flies, and they are well disguised. In people’s minds you don’t go near wasps and bees in case you get stung, but these mimics are actually harmless and we leave them alone because of what they... (Read more)

Daisy with Ornate Checkered Beetle


Daisy with Ornate Checkered Beetle

Not too sure if this is the correct description for this beetle, but it looks the same.


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