Awesome Sunsets

A recent outing of our Facebook group, the Port Elizabeth Camera Club, called for a sunset shoot out at a place called Seaview. This was a chance to test some HDR style photos of sunsets as well as trying to do some layering in GIMP. The following four photos are my results of the outing.

Just another Sunset


Fire in the Sky
Sunset Image Seaview
Yellow Sunset
Sunset Image Seaview
Brighter Sunset
Yellow Sunset SeaviewSunset Watcher

Sunset Image Seaview with Kira

Addo Sunset

Addo Sunset


  1. Kerri

    Oh Yes You’re right – they ARE Awesome!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Firefly

    A coupl eof awesome pictures. I am feeling ashamed that I haven’t joined the group on an outing yet. Gotta make a plan.

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      And I have been speaking to you for so long and not yet have I had the opportunity of meeting you in person! Thanks for the comment Jonker

  3. Dorothy Woods

    I live in Seaview and have photographed many wonderful sunsets, winter and summer. They are spectacular and if I leave the door open I can sit and eat my supper and watch them. Better than T.V.!

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      Hi there Dorothy,
      I would love to live out there in Seaview, but it would be such a long trip to work each day and with the price of petrol continuously on the rise, makes it even for difficult. Thanks for the comment.

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