Green Jumping Spider

We bought our daughters some Canon cameras that were on special and they have been snapping everything that moves or doesn’t. They insisted that I put their best pictures on my blog and I could do nothing but agree. Hope you like this first of many from our eldest, Kira.
This particular spider is possibly a Magnolia Green Jumping Spider. Its scientific name would then be Lyssomanes viridis and comes from the family Oxyopidae. The jumping spiders forage for their prey in the daytime. They approach prey slowly and, when a short distance away, make a sudden leap onto the unfortunate animal. They are good jumpers and can leap many times their own body length.

Green Jumping Spider

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  1. Donald

    Nice! I have not spent nearly as much time chkecing out the jumping spiders in Arizona, but I intend to start next summer. Even before I got over my fear of spiders, I loved the jumpers! They’re just so cute, and the way they interact with people seems so uncharacteristic of spiders that you have to appreciate them.

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