Close-up of a Rain Spider – Palystes superciliosus

What makes people so scared of spiders? Is it their appearance? Is it a fear of being bitten? Or is it just that someone said that spiders are bad and that you should not get near them.
Well here is a close-up of Palystes superciliosus, a common rain spider of the Huntsman spiders of South Africa. Believe it or not, this spider was so placid and probably would not have harmed a fly!
Here is a link to some more information on these spiders:

Rain Spider - Palystes superciliosus

Here is the rest of this beautiful spider. They are pretty harmless, but the bite can be painful due to the size of the fangs (chelicerae) and the venom they possess, which is not medically significant in humans. They normally won’t bite unless stressed or threatend, but will probably warn you by raising its front legs. Awesome spiders.

Rain Spider
And another angle:

Rain Spider - side view


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