Common Backswimmer

If you were wondering what swimming bugs in pool water normally are, here’s a little information. Their technical name is Anisops. These little swimmers tend to colonize swimming pools, vleis and dams. Although they are swimming insects, they fly at night and are also attracted by light. They are harmless.

Common Backswimmer


  1. Gayle Haider

    Just want to say. This is the little bugger in our pool has a shell like outer surface and they either bite or sting. every one I have caught anx thrown out has bite or stung me and it stings for a good long time.

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      It is interesting that you mention this, as someone else said the same to me a while back. I did not know that they could sting you. I must do some more research on these little ‘buggers’ so that I know as well. Thanks for the comment – appreciated.

  2. FB-USER-793836824139361

    I don’t think they sting, but they do bite. I picked one out of the pool about a few months ago and it was the only thing in my hand and I got a nip. It is not a severe bite but it give you a bit of a surprise.

    I notice a few articles that say these things are harmless, well they probably are, but they still bite.

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      They dont seem to have mouthparts, but they look like they have some sort of rostrum, like an assassin bug. But you are right, I have heard they do give some sort of a ‘nip’

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