Lake Loveland

Yet another of Shaynes masterpieces. This was taken in Loveland, Colorado, USA. The Rocky Mountains are in
the background. This picture was taken in Autumn, thus showing the orange coloured trees in the background.

Loveland Lake



    Not a big deal but just thought you would like to know…..Since Loveland Colorado is my hometown I can tell you that this IS a beautiful photo in Loveland and this is our man-made lake that was first built in the late 1800’s & is the city of Greeley Colorado’s water source, even though the 2 cities are more than 20 miles apart. The only VERY slight correction is the lake is Lake Loveland & not Loveland Lake (it’s one of the things that really shouldn’t matter but, for whatever reason, drives us from Loveland nuts! A few years ago we had a substantial flooding issue that they say was worse than the flood from the summer of 1976 that came down the US 34 canyon that connects Loveland with Estes Park home to The Stanley Hotel, which was made famous by Stephen King as he came up with the idea for “The Shining” while he was staying there! The 1976 flood happened during the summer, which was my last summer before senior year of high school. Sadly 143 people lost their lives due to the flood including 2 of my schoolmates who were working in a restaurant in the canyon. I worked in the emergency communications center for about a month trying to get information for as many families around the world who thought family members might have been in the area. It was a daunting task and incredibly sad undertaking. We actually had a man & his family from Oklahoma lost their lives for 32 years until the family was contacted as they were putting together a memorial for the lost lives. The family had booked a cabin in the canyon but when they got their the sad state of the place quickly proved to the family that it was NOT worthy of a weekend stay so they got back in the car and down the canyon and headed to an amusement park in the Denver area. Most likely all of them would have been washed away as nobody in the area of those cabins made it out alive. Sorry to bother you with my hometown history! Thanks for a great photo of my “home”!

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      Hi Ted
      Thank you so much for the history behind Lake Loveland, I appreciate it a lot. You will notice that I have changed all the names to the correct ones owing to the fact that I like to have everything correct on this website.
      I wish I had taken this photo, but one of my good friends in Colorado took it and I asked him to show it off on my website because I liked it so much.
      Thanks for the comment, Ted
      All the best

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