White Torch Cactus

This cactus is otherwise known as Echinopsis spachiana. This cactus has a number of common names (Easter lily cactus, golden torch, white torch cactus), but derives its scientific name from the Greek for the hedgehog and the sea-urchin, because of the species’ spiny exteriors that they are thought to resemble. Once the plant has reached 1 metre in height, it is ready to show off its beautiful, hairy-tubed flowers, which can sprawl to a diameter of 15cm. An outer ring of multiple and apparently independent stamens are united at their base to form a ring known as an annulus or hymen, which serves as a nectar guide for visiting moths. These flowers only have a lifespanĀ of 24hrs.

White Torch Cactus

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  1. Edy

    Pretty!Most of mine look dead or nearly there one of the cntitugs I just stuck in the ground right before the worst weather is doing great go figure!I’ve been so bad about not clicking over to comment but I’m still following you (or should I say the boys) in Reader. Love the pictures, as always.

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