Common Emperor Moth

The Common Emperor Moth or Cabbage tree emperor moth (Bunaea alcinoe) is a saturniid which is widely distributed throughout southern, central and east Africa. Its lavas’ main foodplant is Cabbage Trees. The lava can completely defoliate a Kiepersol tree (Cabbage tree) within weeks This one’s size was about 100mm from the tip of one wing to the other.

Emperor Moth


  1. shannon


    We have found some of these catterpillars in our tree.
    Would the Cabbage tree die when it is completely defoliated by these catterpillars?


    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      Shannon, I would highly doubt that that will happen. I think trees have enough resistance to things like caterpillars to completely die off. I suppose a tree would expect to have it’s leaves eaten every year by the same type of caterpillars. Thanks for the question.

  2. Alise Gingerich

    I could see myself riding on this moth, like in one of those science fiction movies, where the people ride around on moths, to get around, just like in a science fiction movie! I think that would be really cool, to go riding around on a moth! also: a hornet just flew into my apartment, here in Greenville Texas, and I took the fly swatter, and swatted the hornet that just flew into my apartment, here in Greenville Texas! I did not want to swat that hornet, with the fly swatter, but it was freaking me out! that hornet was freaking me out!
    🙁 I know hornets are little life forms too, but the little life form hornet, really freaked me out just now! it really just freaked me out people! 🙁

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