Tiny Leafhopper Nymph

Leafhoppers are part of the family Cicadellidae. Leafhoppers have piercing-sucking mouthparts, enabling them to feed on plant sap. A leafhoppers’ diet commonly consists of sap from a wide and diverse range of plants.

Tiny Leaf Hopper Nymph


  1. Ernie Cooper

    Very cool!

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      Many thanks Ernie.

  2. Marko Akinaga

    What a great close up photo of the leaf hopper! I have never seen such in real, but it looks like from another planet. Here in Japan we have cool looking insects (at least according to me because I’m from Scandinavia and the Asian insect species look different and are therefore exciting to discover), but I’ve never seen a cool alien looking leaf hopper like that before. : )

  3. Alise Gingerich

    aw that is such a cute little insect too! it loves you, humans! it loves you a lot, humans! put down that can of RAID! please put down that can of RAID! now! 🙂 that really is a cute little insect. I think that is a really cute little insect in the picture above. 🙂

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