Spotted Thick Knee

The Spotted Thick-knee is commonly known as the Dikkop in South Africa. It’s scientific name is Burhinus Capensis. It is a common resident in any open country area, including parks and fields. They are often found in pairs and are masters of camouflage. They can remain absolutely still such that they will not be noticed, but will fly immediately when a predator or a threat is too close. Their diet consists mainly of termites, locusts, beetles, other bugs and sometimes small reptiles. This picture was taken at a place called The Island near Seaview Lion Park, outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

Spotted Thick Knee

Spotted Thick Knee

Spotted Thick KneeSpotted Thick Knee

A Google Map on the location of The Island

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  1. Pat

    Great shot of this bird. Love how they hiss if you get too close.

  2. Schubbebeest

    What a lovely bird, in the Netherlands i have never seen this one.

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      I do not know if you get these Spotted Thick knees in the Netherlands at all, but they are very common here in South Africa.

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