Amazing Looking Caterpillar

On a trip to the van Stadens Flower Reserve just outside Port Elizabeth, we came across an area covered with Watsonia flowers. These watsonias were covered with these beautiful colorful caterpillars. The whole problem with caterpillars, is when it comes to identifying them. There are so many varieties of these, that identifying them is really quite a daunting task! Since the posting of this picture, the caterpillar has been identified as a Pine Tree Emperor Moth (Imbrasia cytheraea). The caterpillar was identified by Stephen Woodhall, author of the book “Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa

Pine Tree Emperor Moth Caterpillar


  1. Kerri

    What a BEAUTY!!!

  2. Betty Engelbrecht

    I photographed this self same caterpillar in Pringle Bay yesterday. So glad I found your site and was able to identify it so quickly. Would it be possible for me to transmit one of the photos I took to you??

    1. Sean Allen (Post author)

      By all means Betty. I probably wont be able to identify it as there are thousands of species of butterflies and moths out there are many actually look the same. Will send you a message via your facebook email address

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