Despatch Train Station in HDR

I have been playing around with HDR recently and went out on a photo shoot with an Eastern Cape Photography group to a small town known as Despatch. Despatch is located a few kilometers outside Port Elizabeth and just around the corner from another small town called Uitenhage. This picture is of the train station and was taken with a Canon 7D camera.Despatch Train Station

Another picture of Despatch Train Station, but this time taken from the overhead bridge. I was lucky enough to have caught the train coming in.

Despatch Train Station

Close-up of the track selector or Junction box in HDR

Juction Lever


  1. Zane

    I really like the first two images – good lighting and angles. The third image is a little too “dark” in my opinion.

  2. Laurynas

    Nice shot! I too am getting a tad obeesssd with HDR which involves not only the money you mention, but also is a real time sink. But it is worth it for shots like you produce!

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