Apr 292012

Every year without fail, the Addo Rose & Garden Show will be hosted. As the name suggests, this takes place in a small town called Addo, in the Eastern Cape. This is usually hosted in or around the October time of the year. It’s a great outing for the entire family where one can look at and purchase many different kinds and types of roses and other flowers such as Orchids.
I noticed this particular rose because of its stunning colour. I used Gimp to remove the colour from the background just to enhance the rose some more.

Addo Orange Rose

  3 Responses to “A Rose from Addo”

  1. Lovely Sean, hybrid tea?
    It does look like a Remember me.
    Not a common colour for roses

    • Joanne,
      I wish I knew the answer. This one had no name attached to it and my knowledge on roses is pretty close to the zero mark. I just liked the look of this one and therefore snapped it. I believe there are thousands upon thousands of different hybrids and ‘pure’ roses and that one has to be an expert to tell them apart.

  2. Nice!

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