Common Hottentot Skipper

The Common Hottentot Skipper is from the family Hesperiidae and sub-family Hesperiinae. This skipper is also know as Gegenes niso niso.  They are relatively small butterflies with the male being about 29-33mm and the female 29-35mm – not much bigger.  Hottentot Skipper’s are very c0mmon and widespread through South Africa. Their  habitats are forest areas, wetlands, flatlands, hill tops, parks, gardens, mountains and along the coast.  They fly all year round in the warmer areas, but will peak around the October – March time. Their larval food is Pennisetum claudestinum (kikuyu grass) , Ehrharta (Common names for this genus include veldtgras) and Cynodon (commonly known as Bermuda Grass or Dog’s Tooth Grass). Most of this information was supplied from Steve Woodhalls book “Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa

Common Hottentot Skipper

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