Birds and Birding


Because we are in South Africa, we will call this bird a BontKiewiet, but actually it has two other names; the Blacksmith Plover and the Blacksmith Lapwing.
Its Technincal name is Vanellus armatus Hoplopterus. We snapped this birds picture at the Kragga Kamma Game Park just outside Port Elizabeth. The bird was pretty tame as if it was used to the many cars in the park to have driven past it to take its picture.


Indian Ringneck Parrot

This is Goblin. He is one of the more friendlier parrots that I have met. Quite unlike the obnoxious African Grey that my parents used to have that attemepted finger amputation! Both males and female Ringnecks look very similar; however, the male has a black ring around his neck. His ring is highlighted with turquoise, pink, and blue. They learn quickly and love to show off. Along with being intelligent, they are great at talking.