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An Orange Sunset

A picture of a sunset taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I tried my hand at framing this picture and feel the result came out relatively well.  To do such framing was actually quite easy and produces pretty good results.  In order to do this I search around on Google for tutorials showing how to create frames under The Gimp. Gimp is a very good graphics package usually used in place on Photoshop as is it open source and doesn’t cost anything to use. Goto to download the program for nothing.

Orange Sunset

Super Moon 2012

Yet another Super Perigee Moon was here to grace us with its beauty. The day, 5 May 2012. A moon that is more brighter than the average moon and also closer to earth. The moon rose at 16:56 and was approximately 357,016 Kilometers away from earth at the time. This picture is of the moon at 99.9% of being full.  The completely full moon occured at 05:35 on 6 May 2012. I also captured the 2011 Super Moon to be seen here. This Super moon image was taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

2012 Super Moon

And this picture taken on 6 May 2012

2012 Moon

Storm Approaching Koffylaagte Game Lodge

Once again, I have been playing around with the HDR effect. This picture was taken out at Koffylaagte Game Lodge in the Eastern Cape. There was a storm approaching, but completely fizzled out to a drizzle on getting there. We enjoyed the game drives, the quad biking and also the delicious food that they had on offer. The kids also enjoyed a swim in the pool and had fun on the horses. All in all, this place was a magnificent place to stay for the weekend and a good time had by all.

There are a number of programs you can use to do HDR, namely : Photomatix (paid for), Picturenaut and a few other free ones. Also search Google for HDR Tutorials and start learning this fun technique.

Storm Approaching Koffylaagte

Despatch Train Station in HDR

I have been playing around with HDR recently and went out on a photo shoot with an Eastern Cape Photography group to a small town known as Despatch. Despatch is located a few kilometers outside Port Elizabeth and just around the corner from another small town called Uitenhage. This picture is of the train station and was taken with a Canon 7D camera.Despatch Train Station

Another picture of Despatch Train Station, but this time taken from the overhead bridge. I was lucky enough to have caught the train coming in.

Despatch Train Station

Close-up of the track selector or Junction box in HDR

Juction Lever

Happy Valley Palm Tree

This is a night shot of a back lighted palm tree in Happy Valley, Port Elizabeth. Happy Valley is situated on Port Elizabeths main beachfront just across the road from Humewood Beach. It is a wonderland of kiddies movie characters and lights and enjoyable place to take the kiddies for a walk. The lights are only switched on in the summer month and going into Happy Valley is completely free to all.

Happy Valley Palm Tree

Cape st Francis Beach

This is a photograph of the beach near the lighthouse in Cape st. Francis. I tried to bring out all the blues and whites of this photograph to enhance the picture and to give it more punch than the original. I only used one picture instead of the usual 3+ pictures one would normally use to create an HDR version. I took this photo while on holiday at the Cape st. Francis Resort.

Cape st Francis Beach

Collection of Landscape and HDR Photos

This is a collection of landscape and HDR photos from a local Port Elizabeth photographer, Hendrik Frier. I will be adding more pictures to the set as I get them in. Hope you enjoy them. Here is a photo of Hogsback in the snow to start off with.

Hogsback HDR

Despatch Railway

Despatch Railways

Just Married Building

Just Married Building HDR

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to Heaven HDR

Fishermen at New Brighten pier in Port Elizabeth doing their Sunday morning fishing.


Photograph of a wall at the old ice rink in Port Elizabeth showing that religion can be found in all places.

Religion Everywhere

Happy man in a sad place.
A colourful wall at the old ice rink in Port Elizabeth.

Happy Man in a Sad Place

Sunset Silhouette

If you want to have a really relaxing holiday or just go away for the weekend for a bit of piece and quiet. Koffylaagte is the place for this. A place with good food, good company and lots of game to view. This is where you will find a sunset this beautiful. For more information visit Koffylaagte Game Lodge.


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