Monthly Archive: May 2012

Another African Sunset

Whilst on a trip to photograph pictures of birds, macros of spiders, insects and other creatures, the sun went down!  This was the result of taking a three shot HDR sequence and using The GIMP to do a bit of post-processing.  HDR is something that I am really starting to enjoy. Go ahead and give it a try.

Sunset Over Westering

An Orange Sunset

A picture of a sunset taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I tried my hand at framing this picture and feel the result came out relatively well.  To do such framing was actually quite easy and produces pretty good results.  In order to do this I search around on Google for tutorials showing how to create frames under The Gimp. Gimp is a very good graphics package usually used in place on Photoshop as is it open source and doesn’t cost anything to use. Goto to download the program for nothing.

Orange Sunset

Super Moon 2012

Yet another Super Perigee Moon was here to grace us with its beauty. The day, 5 May 2012. A moon that is more brighter than the average moon and also closer to earth. The moon rose at 16:56 and was approximately 357,016 Kilometers away from earth at the time. This picture is of the moon at 99.9% of being full.  The completely full moon occured at 05:35 on 6 May 2012. I also captured the 2011 Super Moon to be seen here. This Super moon image was taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

2012 Super Moon

And this picture taken on 6 May 2012

2012 Moon