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White Crab Spider on a Pink Flower

Crab Spiders are from the family Thomisidae which consists of six sub families; Thomisinae, Bominae, Stiphropodinae, Stephanopinae, Strophiinae and Dietinae. Crab Spiders will live in and up trees, under bark, on or under rocks and stones, on flowers and leaves and on grass. Crab Spiders are great at ambushing their prey and don’t spin webs. They will sit patiently waiting for their prey to come to them and will then pounce on it. Their venom is potent to insects and it can kill a honey bee within seconds of the bee being bitten.

White Crab Spider

Golden Lynx Spider

From the family Oxyopidae, the Golden Lynx spiders may be immediately recognised by their spines standing out at right angles to their legs. They live on bushes and plants, low vegetation, on or under the grass, or on flowers and leaves. Their size ranges from about 5mm – 23mm. Lynx Spiders are completely harmless to humans. Their common name is indicative of their cat-like behaviour when stalking and pouncing on prey. Lynx spiders to not spin webs and only use their silk as life-lines when jumping or anchoring themselves.

Lynx Spider

Another picture of the same spider photoed in my back yard.

Lynx Spider