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Koffylaagte Cape Sparrow

This photo of a Cape Sparrow (Passer Melanurus) was taken at a game lodge called Koffylaagte while on an insteresting game drive. This lodge is about 130km from Port Elizabeth towards Jansenville in the Eastern Cape. It is a very common resident in grasslands, grain fields and human habitaions. Its diet consists mainly of seeds.

Cape Sparrow

Cape Weaver Building a Nest

The Cape Weaver, Ploceus capensis is a resident breeding bird species endemic to South Africa. This common species occurs in grassland, agricultural and fynbos habitats, often near rivers. It breeds in trees and reedbeds. This one was in a fever tree. The Cape Weaver builds a large coarsely woven nest made of grass and leaf strips with a downward facing entrance which is suspended from a branch or reed. The Hadada Ibis will sometimes nest in the weaver colonies. The Cape Weaver feeds on a wide variety of seeds, grain and insects. The Cape Weaver is a stocky 17 cm long bird with streaked olive-brown upperparts and a long pointed conical bill. The breeding male has a yellow head and underparts, an orange face, and a white iris. The adult female has an olive-yellow head and breast, shading to pale yellow on the lower belly. Her eyes are brown. Young birds are similar to the female. This photo was shot at Koffylaagte Game Lodge in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Cape Weaver

This one was photoed at Addo Elephant Park

Cape Weaver

Another Cape Weaver photoed at Addo Elephant Park

Cape Weaver