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A Sunset HDR Outing to Maitlands

A group of us decided to go and shoot a few sunset photos out at a place called Maitlands, outside Port Elizabeth (South Africa), but to our disappointment, the clouds came over and was completely overcast and the sun was gone! The light was not to bad, so we did some HDR shots instead and these were the best of my shots for the day.  These were merged together in picturenaut and completed with The Gimp.
This one is a picture of the dunes in the fading light:

Maitlands dunes

This is a picture of the river flowing back into the sea



Little Egret

The Little Egret is a small, slender egret with a black bill, black legs and yellow toes. The bill is more slender and slightly shorter than that of a Western Reef Heron. The Little Egret is a common resident to wetlands, estuaries and along the coast. They breed colonially, up to 120 pairs, usually with other egrets, herons,cormoants and ibises. The female will lay 2 to 4 eggs in reeds or in a tree. Their diet consists mainly of small fish and frogs. They will actively persue small fish in shallow waters. The Afrikaans name for this bird is Die Kleinwitreier.

Little Egret

Another Little Egret taken a while back in SchoenmakersKop

Little Egret