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Crowned Plover (Lapwing)

A beautiful bird, this Crowned Plover, taken at Cape St. Francis Resort. ┬áThis was one of the two guarding a nest next to a public sidewalk. They get really agitated when anyone walks by with hi pitched, noisy and loud ‘kreep kreep kreep’ sounds. They also fly at people and pets that get to close to their nest. The Crown Plovers’ diet consists mainly of beetles, termites, grasshoppers and other small invertebrates. The female will lay 2-3 eggs at a time, but on a rare occasion 4 eggs. They are a common resident in open country, short grasslands and fields. Scientific Name is┬ávanellus coronatus. The Afrikaans name for this is Kroonkiewiet.
Cape st. Francis is located in the Eastern Cape, near Port Elizabeth, in South Africa.

Crowned Plover


Crowned Lapwing (Plover)

The Crowned Lapwing (Vanellus Coronatus) has a black cap surrounded by a white ‘halo’ giving this bird its name. The legs and basal part of it bill are a reddish pink color. There is also a black band separating it’s breast from its belly. They live in short grass, on golf courses or on playing fields.

Crowned Plover