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Portia Jumping Spider

Portia Spiders are from the family Salticidae which contains the jumping spiders. Portia is a genus of jumping spider which feeds on other spiders (araneophagic). They are remarkable for their hunting behaviour it seems they are capable of learning and problem solving. Portias often hunt in ways that seem intelligent. Their favorite prey seems to be web-building spiders between 10% and 200% of the spiders size. These are also known as the Dandy Jumping Spider. This little one was found in my garden in Port Elizabeth.

Portia Jumping Spider

Miniature Jumping Spider

While wondering outside minding my own business, a small movement caught my eye. This was the smallest jumping spider I had ever seen, less than 5mm in size. In order to get a shot of this little critter, utmost patience was required. This spider just did not want to have its picture taken. Eventually after many blurred shots through my DCR 250 lens, I caught a near-unusable picture of this menace. If anyone can tell me the exact name of this spider, it would be appreciated. On further investigation it turned out that this is a Portia Spider, one of the most intelligent spiders of them all. They are also known as the Dandy Jumping Spider.

Portia Spider