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Potter Wasp Delta Hottentottum

Potter wasps and mason wasps come from the family Eumenidae, Order:Hymenoptera. This one’s scientific name is Delta Hottentottum. They are currently treated as a subfamily of paper wasps (vespidae). They are distinguishable from paper wasps by their long mandibles, that cross over each other when not in use. These wasps are diverse in nest building. They may either use existing cavities (such as beetle tunnels in wood, abandoned nests of other hymenoptera or even man-made holes like old nail holes and even screw shafts on electronic devices) that they modify in several degrees, or they construct their own either underground or exposed nests. When a cell (it’s home) is completed, the adult wasp typically collects beetle larvae, spiders or caterpillars and, paralyzing them, places them in the cell to serve as food for a single wasp larva. These wasps don’t often sting, but if they do, it’s said to be equivalent to a bee sting and people can have allergic reactions to them
Thanks Zane for this photo.

Delta Hottentottum - Potter Wasp