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Brown Veined White

The Brown Veined WhiteBelenois aurota male is very common to South Africa and tends to live on hillsides, in parks, gardens, edges of forests and pretty much everywhere else.

Belenois aurota - Brown-veined white -- Witgatwitjie - PIERIDAEAnd another from my good friend Steve Woodhall

Brown Veined White - Belenois aurota male

Euphorbia Milii

Euphorbia milii (Crown-of-thorns or Christ Plant) is a woody, succulent species of Euphorbia native to Madagascar and found in South Africa too. The species name commemorates Baron Milius, once governor of Réunion, who introduced the species to France in 1821.[1] It is suspected that the species was introduced to the Middle East in ancient times, and legend associates it with the crown of thorns worn by Jesus.

Euphorbia Milii